Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 3 Hop on Hop off

Sunday May 26, 2013

Today we experienced the rainy days of Cape Town.  Fortunately no down pour so we were still able to enjoy sight seeing in the city of Cape Town. Unfortunately we were unable to take the cable car to the top of table mountain.  I guess we will have to visit again in order to see the top of what has been deemed one of the new seven wonders of nature.

The poor weather ensured that the  hop on hop off sightseeing bus was not at all crowded.  It was a very professional tour bus that used a pre-recorded audio to describe the sights and sounds of the city.  Fitting our personalities I rode on the top of the bus and braved the cold and misty day while Allen stayed warm and dry in  the enclosed first floor.  Afraid he would ruin his camera because of the rainy weather, Allen left it at the hotel.

We passed through District 6 learning about the cruelty of the apartheid era,  the bus climbed part way up the table top mountaintop giving us glimpses of the amazing landscape when the clouds parted. We took a brief stop at the South African Museum and had lunch at Den Ankar on the wharf feasting on a bowl-full of delicious mussels and Belgian beer. We took a walk along the ocean and then a diamond tour.

Our day came to and end as we looked forward to a traditional South African Cape Malay dinner and dance show at Gold Restaurant,  The food was tasty reminding me of Indian cuisine and the show was energetic helping to put us in a South African state of mind.

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